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I Never Lost My Praise

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Calvary Pentecostal Church, Inc

Welcome Visitor(s)

Greetings from Pastor Rosie M. Hall

We're so glad you visited. Here at Calvary, our worship is intentional and praise is our Anthem. What affects one, affects us all.

We also believe that one of the greatest commissions ever given

unto the body of Christ is to preach the Gospel unto Salvation.

Holiness is our standard, and this we know is Right!

Our doors are open to you and your family to worship with us. We hope to see you, and your family here with us. Until then, be blessed!

Elder Rosie M. Hall -Senior Pastor

Bishop Harold E. Hazzard Sr.- Prelate

Elder Sharon D. Williams - Assistant Pastor

Founder: the Late Bishop Willie G. Dukes 1934-1997

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