Calvary Pentecostal Church, Inc. - Galatians 6:9
Do You Have a Minisry, Unique Gift or Special Talent?
Here at Calvary we believe in utilizing every gift and talent for the upbuilding and edification of God within the body of Christ. Every ministry, gift, and talent is acknowledged no matter how great or small. This is our "Kingdom Work!" Unifying what we have for the betterment of others.
Office Administrations                      Pastoral Care
 Sister's Joyce Tingle                          Pastor Aide
 Minister Gloria J. Leonard                 Trustee Robert Mumford-Chairman

Audio / Visual:                                          Stewardship
Trustee Terenda Clark                                Bereavement
                                                               Greeters * Hospitality
 Culinary                                                 Minister  Gloria Leonard
Trustee Ralph West                                Minister Drucilla  Mumford  
                          Christian Education
                      Minister Drucilla Mumford - Superintendent
                     Missionary Jameelah Holland
                     Elder Curtis Mercer
                     Evangelist Jermicka Jacobs, Sr.
Choir Ministries:                                Security
Calvary Mass Choir                               Deacon Shakhan Toppin
Sister Ruth Bratten                            Senior Usher Board
Maryland State Choir                            Minister Gloria Leonard -President
Prohetess Sarah Garrison                  Deacon Raymond Handy - Vice Pres.
Men's Choir                                         
Minister William Bratten                     Transportation
Voices of Calvary                                    Elder Curtis Mercer
Trustee Marvin Smith                          Evangelist Jermicka Jacobs, Sr.
Sunday School Choir                              Van Ministry
Missionary Jameelah Holland              Tr. Renaldo Willilams                     
Children / Youth:                                      Women's Services
Praise Dance                                       Singles Ministries
Sis. Juaniesha Leonard                      Sister Stacey Townsend
Sunday School                                     Women's Fellowships
Vacation Bible School                            Women's Retreat
Terenda & Richelle Clark                    Women's Day
                                                            Sister Ta'Mar Ayres
Community Services                             Young Adult /Men's Services
Elder Sharon Williams                        Men's Fellowship Retreats  
Elder Curtis Mercer                             Trustee Terenda Clark
Missions                                                Men's Day and Conferences
Minister Johnie Conquest                      Deacon Shakhan Toppin
Nusing Home Ministries                                                      
Elder Curtis Mercer