Calvary Pentecostal Church, Inc. - Galatians 6:9
Facility/Fellowship Hall Request Form
Date Requested for Your Service/Event
Most events are scheduled at a 5 hour minimum with clean-up inclusive. If your service/event exceeds the minimum an additional charge will be applied to your contract..
Please Select Type of Service or Function
Additional Services Needed.
Audio / Visual
Sound Technician
Ministry/Group hosting event:
Proposed facility in which to hold event
Cemetery Plot(s)
Dining/Fellowship Hall ( accommodates 150 guest)
Sanctuary (capacity of 425)
Name of person(s) making the request:
Daytime Telephone:
Cell/evening Telephone:
Contact Personnel
Trustee Ralph West : 302 236 5731
Missionary Gloria Leonard: 302 519 8328
Facility use can NOT be confirmed without this form! You must contact Ralph West to set up an appointment to confirm your date. A contractual agreement will then be reviewed and signed. A sound technician will be informed and assigned to accommodate your service/event. A follow-up letter will be sent to the parties involved immediately thereafter. Calvary is a Non-alcoholic, smoking facility. This applies to the outside exterior and grounds as well.